We are located in the middle of the COLLINE PISANE (Pisan Hills) on the Strada del Vino (Wine Road).

Around the Ghizzano Village, on a 5-10 minutes drive, in the medieval villages of Valdera, you can find the best restaurants, serving traditional Tuscan food. For the ones who love cooking at home and enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, there are many markets (I mercati) where the local producers sell directly.

Peccioli You can also find a bank, a chemist, herbs shop and a supermarket in Peccioli, within 10 minutes drive.

cheval For the ones who love spending time out, in the fresh air, there are many tours , organized by the Peccioli townhouse, for hiking, horse riding, bike riding or just taking a walk in this spectacular countyside, also available tennis courts, and golf course.

deltaplane On the nearby plane field you can also practice hang gliding and microlights.

Casciana Terme The spa lovers can enjoy the Cascina Thermae, situated within 20 minutes car drive.

Vespa Piaggio Motorcycling lovers can visit the Piaggio Museum at Pontedera that exhibits all the types created in time, beginning with the first model that appeared in 1917 up to present times.

San Vivaldo For the art lovers we suggest visiting La Gerusalemme di San Vivaldo, 17 chapels reproducing Jesus Christ sufferings, the Temple of Minerva, La Pieve di Fabbrica from 1000 as well as “The Silence Theatre “ by Bocelli in Lajatico and the Lari Castle.

Very well known for Italian clothes shopping are the different Outlet Shops, that you can find in the area.

paysages The roads have spectacular views: the hills are covered in rich wheat fields , peaks are full of vineyards, olive trees descending on the roadside, green forests separating one field from another and cypress trees adorning the streets. The roads are wll built and cross the hills shaping in curves and slopes very stimulating for motorcyclist.

Ruviera "The Etruscan Coast" - within only one hour drive, you reach Cecina and Romito. Here lies the same old landscape: sandbanks alternating the Mediterranean vegetation getting richer and richer till finally bursts into a large "pineta" (a pine tree forest) planted by Grand Duke Leopold Lorena in 1839. Towards the North, Castiglioncello - The land of Macchiaioli ( artistic movement of early 20th centutry ), a tiny stylish port, situated on a small peninsula in the middle of the sea, where you can enjoy exquisite fish food.

Volterra Cities full of art like Pisa, Florence, Lucca, Siena, San Gimignano and Volterra are all located within one hour’s drive.

Kids can play in the prehistoric theme park, where they can discover the Tyrannosaur, pterodactyls, brontosaurs and other creatures of the prehistoric world.

Kids and adults the same can have fun in the huge Aquapark opened in Cecina.

All tastes are gratified, one can simply relax in a pool, sun bath or take pleasure in the splendid sight of the Tuscan hills.